Uploading mcxToProfile Profiles to JSS

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This might be old news to you,
but uploading a Profile that was created using mcxToProfile
and has the management frequency set to often (=Set-Once) or once (=Set-Once with timestamp)
doesn't work for me.
I end up with an empty mcx payload.
How is everyone else dealing with settings that have to be managed often/once?
I wanted to make the jump from MCX to Profiles with Mavericks,
but installing Profiles as a PKG instead of having Casper take care of it doesn't sound overly attractive...


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Hi Chris,

I had the same issue at a site. The profile worked fine when installed manually onto a client but, as you said above, the payload is wiped out when uploading to the JSS (latest version 8).

We ended up switching to Managed Preferences for this one setting, but any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Found this Feature Request that deserves a few Vote-Ups