Casper ejecting disk prematurely when imaging MacBook Air 6,1.


We have a lot of 6,1 Model A1465 MacBook Airs. They imaged fine with Casper Suite 8.6, but no longer image reliably with 9.12. I can get it to work 1/10 times, but every time before that Casper Imaging just stops. The progress bar pauses halfway, waits a few minutes, ejects the disk, and then finishes the imaging process on the host machine. It's really annoying. I thought this was fixed with the release of 9.0...

The lot of 6,1's we have are not affected by the SSD recall Apple put out a month or so ago. I've also tried imaging with a 6,1 machine instead an older MacBook Air, but no difference was made. Same result after upgrading to Mavericks.

We are waiting to upgrade Casper to 9.2 after Mavericks 10.9.1 hits (boss was spooked after how much of a pain we had after upgrading to 9.x).