USB booter for Imaging, and the Self-Service store

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Hello -

We cant use NetBoot in our environment, so we are stuck using a USB boot device to start the Casper Imaging process. This is working okay, at least until we upgrade our JSS server. After that we have to gather all the USB devices to make sure they get the correct version of Casper Imaging installed, and yes its a pain.

I thought that maybe we could throw a routine into the booter startup that would check for the current version of Casper and upgrade if needed, but then I had another thought: What if we enrolled the booter and put the Self-Service store on it? Then the user could get the latest version of Casper Imaging from the store, and then continue on.

So what am I overlooking here? Seems too simple to just , you know, *work*. Has anyone here enrolled an image installed on removable media?


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Might be better or easier to put together a policy in Self Service to update their USB drives directly by dropping the new version of Casper Imaging and any updated plist files to the drive rather than them needing to boot into the drive itself and update from there.
It should be possible to script something to check the attached volume and locate the app and settings and deploy the new one down to it.