USB-C dock/hub not working

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Good day everyone!

We have been running into a bit of an issue with our new 2019/20 MBP computers. For some context, Each classroom is equipped with a interactive TV and a USB-C dock so when the teacher arrives in the classroom they get power, HDMI and the USB for the board with one plug.

Every once and a while both USB ports seem to stop working for power and data via the dock. I have found a workaround by plugging USB-C power cable directly into the computer, then unplugging that and plugging the dock back in, or doing an SMC reset seems.

Anyone else seeing something like this or have any other ideas on how to address it? It seems like the port is being shut off at the hardware level as nothing shows up in the system report as plugged in.



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What model USB-C dock/hub? We have the Startech ones which have been working as designed with our 2018 Air fleet. Everything is running 10.14.6. So, not all our variables are the same. Just a data point. If you have another brand adapter, try putting one of those out and see if you get the sam behavior.

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Hey @damienbarrett,
Good point, we are running the Monoprice 33572 USB-C dock... i wonder if that could be the root cause of this. At the moment i dont have another brand/model but i should see about getting one. As for OS we have a range of 10.14-15 and im running 10.16, all have this issue.

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My staff have reported issues using their 2017 Airs with the Hyperdock 8-in-1 adapters when power is connected into the dongle's USB-C port. (I've noticed the occasional KP when my 2017 MBP 13" (non-TB) is using either my Hyperdock or Anker with power connected through it, but hasn't been much of an issue with two -C ports.)

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@pete_c hmm yeah all of ours are the touch bar, 2 thunderbolt versions.