User Conference Adobe Presentation- Feedback

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Hi Everybody, Those who attended the Jamf User Conference just gone. Did you catch the Presentation Jody Rodgers done about Self Service and CCM ? If so would you be so kind as to let me know what you thought , what you think would / would not work in your environment, any concerns you would have.

If you could mail me at that would be great.

Karl Gibson
Product Manager, Adobe


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Hi Karl, I didn't attend this particular session, but I did attend the one Jody conducted on Software ID tags, which was enjoyable and informative. Jody's an entertaining presenter. :)

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It was a great presentation, very informative and seems easy to implement.

However, the presentation did not include a very significant point...

Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) folks using Creative Suite no longer get a free upgrade to the bundled copy of Acrobat Pro.

ELA users have three options...

  1. Buy a stand-alone copy of Acrobat Pro XI for every Creative Suite user...[color=blue]"What's a couple'a dollars between friends?"[/color]

  2. Purchase a Creative Cloud subscription for every Creative Suite user...[color=blue]"Uncle Vinny sayz you need ta buy dis; fugget about our last agweement"[/color].

  3. Wait for Creative Suite 7 to be released in 2013...[color=blue]"It's OK, production can wait"[/color].

We have a meeting in the next few days with our biggest multimedia client. I hope the Kevlar vest I requisitioned is ready by then.

PS, Jody, Karl, and the rest of the team, you guys are awesome...but someone up the chain at Adobe needs to consider the impact this is going to have on companies that shelled out $$$ on ELA...


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