User has no devices to invite message under VPP invitation usage


Invitations have been sent to the devices. Several had to be resent due to them being dismissed, but the message on a few states "User has no devices to invite". The device interacts perfect;y with the JSS otherwise, it just cant receive the invite... Any ideas?


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I've also been having this problem and this is not a solution merely a work around that I've had success with. Click Mobile Devices in the JSS and locate the device you're having the issue thats assigned to this particular user. Select it and go to User & Location settings. Click edit and remove the user data associated to the device, user name, full name, email address. I leave the department and building as is because I don't wanna muck things up completely then click save. Go back and click Users at the top and search for the client that supposedly had no device assigned. They should indicate 0 devices assigned to them now, select and delete the user. Now again go back to Mobile Devices up top and find the iPad you removed the client data from and repopulate the fields with the client data. We use LDAP data in our client search so I just need the user name, click save when done. Check Users again and the client should have returned with a device assigned to them. Try sending out the invitation again and see if it works this time.

I've had success with this but a few times I've had to do it twice for the same device. Like it said its a work around but clearly "Houston we have a problem".

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Happened here a few times. All I've done is hit resend invitation a few times. Eventually it will get past.

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Same thing has happened to me, sometimes trying multiple times or deleting the user has worked, other times I have had to restore the whole iPad to get it to work. Note of caution- when you delete a user you lose any books you assigned to them as well.