User Initiated Enrollment with Jamf cloud

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Finally able to dive deeper into our deployment. Was wanting to test User Initiated Enrollment. Is the URL different then the listed example.

I have tried a few variations using our jamf cloud url for the organization and it is not pulling up the login page. Did we miss configuring something?


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So, the url you'd login to the jamfcloud.

eg (not including port) you add /enroll to.
That being said, there is a section in settings -> user initiated enrollment needs to be turned on.

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In my experience you don't need the 8443 at the end of Jamf cloud instances. Are you actually putting that in the address bar, or was that just an example from some other thread or documentation? If you haven't already, try the address like

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I thought I tried all options. It was the and correct that I did not need the port number.

Thanks ;)