Users are able to Delete Self Service?


We've just encountered an issue where end users are able to delete Self Service from our fully managed iPhones and iPads, despite the option to do this being disabled in the Jamf Pro console. Has anyone else experienced this?

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 16.16.50.png






Honored Contributor II

If I am not mistaken, devices need to be Supervised to prevent App Deletion. A device being Managed is not sufficient. 

Sorry should have been clearer - all devices are supervised... I seem to have narrowed it down to iPhones only - testing on my devices my test iPad gives the usual warning about being unable to delete Self Service but my test iPhone allows me to Delete the Self Service App.

Workaround - exclude the device from the App, wait 5 minutes then remove the exclusion - the device then installs the Self Service App again.