Using PreStage Enrollment with Workflows

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So we finally have DEP setup, and our first machine has arrived for testing and just wanted to see if what we want to archive is doable another way...

So the big question... is it possible to run a workflow after or even before PreStage Enrollment. We are trying to achieve true zero touch, and want it so that all the software and everything is installed before they start actually using the machine. Created a policy to run after enrollment, but just wondering if that many applications and scripts will run without causing major issues? and we don't want the user playing with the machine while this is going on either.

any thoughts?


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What I did was in the PreStage set the Department to "DEPMACHINE". Then I have a smart group for all computers in department "DEPMACHINE" and of course a policy set to 'Run Once' to do my magic on it. Of course, I also prompted the user for their company ID and assigned the machine to them (jamf recon -endusername $username)

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@thoule can you be a bit more specific on how you accomplished this?

Im trying the same with mixed results. (im new to Jamf)
1.- setting up machine name before binding with pre-stage
i want to use username-mac 2.- then bind to AD
3.- users should be mobile and admins at the same time
4.- File vault will be enabled after that.

Having issues with step 1 using pre-stage