Ventura 13.3.1 setup issues

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So here's something weird - I have a Mac running 13.3, it enrolls just fine - get through the setup screens and to the desktop and DEPNotify launches, and my policies run.  I upgrade to 13.3.1, erase and reinstall because I'm testing...and the machine gets stuck at the Time Zone screen during setup.  Meanwhile, the system is enrolled in Jamf Pro, all the policies run just never progresses past that screen and to the desktop.  Wipe, install 13.3...and it works.  Anyone else having anything odd going on with 13.3.1 enrollments?


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   You may not be alone in this.  Sure enough I was doing an online enrollment from the cloud enrollment page for my director who is at a different physical location and he is not able to get on his machine after enrollment.   Since he can't login and maybe a wifi issue we will probably have to do an in person troubleshooting session.


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Interesting, but not quite what I'm experiencing.  I've wiped the machine again and installed macOS Monterey 12.6.5 - enrollment went through just fine.  Wiped and installed macOS Ventura 13.3 - enrollment went through just fine.  Wiped and installed 13.3.1 - hangs at the Time Server screen, never progresses through to the desktop.  I'll toggle on the setup assistant options and run again and see what happens; its worth a shot