Verify ABM enrolment prior to shipping

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Hi all. Looking for a fast way to verify a device is enrolled before shipping.


We often receive Mac's to a central location before shipping-on to end-users around the world. Our supplier has a mostly-automated means of DEP-enrolling Mac's into Business Manager. But a part of that process still involves manual-input (the Organisation ID primarily) which can occasionally lead to a device arriving with us not enrolled into ABM. Is there an app/solution available for iOS whereby our logistics team can scan the Serial No barcode on the side of box to verify if that device serial is present in Jamf Pro and/or ABM before shipping the device?


Thanks in advance.


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The device is not in Jamf before its enrolled and only resellers have a API to ABM devices.

You can try look at this Jamf API for computer-prestages, but it not easy to use on a iOS, you have to build your own program


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This can be checked in the Jamf GUI (prestage > Scope), or in Apple Business/School Manager. I am not aware of any API endpoints you can use to this.


Honestly, this is something you stop using a reseller over. Any cost savings on devices you get with them, are likely being overcompensated for by the man hours (labor) making sure they did what you are paying them for.

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@shaunoflaherty You can use the Jamf Pro API "<prestageID>/scope" to get a list of all Macs assigned to a specific PreStage, so you could run that against all of your PreStages to get a full list of devices that are set to enroll.

There is also a "<deviceEnrollmentsID>/devices'" endpoint, which in theory would list all devices for a specified ABM enrollment, but it doesn't seem to work from the Swagger UI so I don't know if it's actually usable.