VirtualBox Extension Pack

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We currently have a need to know what computers have an extension pack installed as part of oracle. Having a hard time finding a good way to do this. Was wondering if anybody had any experience with thi.


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Actually was able to get this.
Created Extension Attribute that ran script to list the extensions and then grep the specific extension I was looking for.

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On a 10.13.3 host, I installed VirtualBox 5.2.8. I opened Composer and created a new package using Normal Snapshot, let the first half finished, then installed the current version of the Extension Pack, then completed the snapshot in Composer.

Upon inspection there's a file, ExtPack.xml, located at /Applications/ - so should be easy enough to create an extension attribute either checking for the existence of this file, grepping the Version revision string, etc.

I haven't tried this with any previous versions of VB or macOS.

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@Ken.Bailey Good afternoon i am trying to solve for the same issue do you mind sharing the script and process you use to gather this information? I am unable to get the exact info we are looking for.

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It should be as simple as checking to see if the file exists on the device. This has been working for us:


# Check to see if a VirtualBox Extension Pack is installed

if [ -e /Applications/ ] ; then
    echo "<result>Yes</result>"
    echo "<result>No</result>"

exit 0