VM specs for NetSUS appliance

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Good morning,

I'm hoping for some feedback from admins that have implemented the Netboot/SUS appliance on ESXi (after migrating the JSS to Linux and building a rather robust Reposado setup, I'm one step away from EOL'ing the last XServe in the server room).

Simply put: What kind of space/memory and CPU have you allocated for your appliance(s)?

What population count do they support?

How many subnets are you working with?

On my side, I've supporting 34 labs/carts and another hundred single devices (Macbook Pros and iMacs) across the city (close to 40 remote buildings all tied together via gig fiber).

The framework for the past five years has been netbooting from a single XServe, which has worked well enough with scheduled reimaging/one off recoveries; but is a mess when technicians play cowboy. This year, I had a crippling last minute, unannounced load (close to six hundred systems at once) that left me dead in the water on the first day of school.

Ideally, I'd like to build out six (6) appliances (creating a maximum netboot load of 200) that support a handful of locations each. Before I dig in, though, I'd like some feedback on real world usage from others.

Much appreciated...

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I haven't configured more than one NetSUS per site, but I typically start with 4 GB of RAM and 200 GB of disk space (when hosting software updates), and increase the RAM based on the number of concurrent NetBoot client connections...