VPP, app not available, 899 in use out of 1000+

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JSS 9.96
Brand new iPads, all in one PreStage.

Yesterday, I enrolled about 300 iPads for my school, working down from grade 4 to kindergarten. Today, I hear that the iPads in the lower grades are not getting some VPP apps that the others got automatically installed.

All of these apps are sitting at 899 in use out of 1000+ licenses. It makes sense that we hit some sort of limit and the lower grades, which were enrolled last and represent iPads #900+, would show "Pending - application not available for install" if there were some sort of upper limit. However, the VPP Accounts screen shows each of these apps has 1000 or more license purchased from VPP.

However, no amount of refreshing the licenses in our VPP Accounts screen helps. I've restarted the TomCat server to see if that's the problem, still no luck.

Is there some bug or magic number that does not allow apps to be distributed beyond 899 iPads?


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Cancel the request!

Apparently, I didn't wait long enough between restarting TomCat and letting it communicate with Apple's VPP services. Now they are showing installed and my license count is updated appropriately.