VPP enrolment Push

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I'm trying to send invites via device notification for VPP, but the notice isn't sending through, and there is no pending action for the device.

I was wondering what is required for this to work accurately, it does appear we are having additional proxy issues at the moment, and I am wondering if it is all related.

We do have our vpp token installed in JSS.

Running V9.32

We have found on occasion, that our proxy authentication record stops working, preventing certain services from working such as searching Apps.



I can tell you that you do not want to click the "Resend" button on the main VPP Invitations screen. If you do that, it resends to EVERY SINGLE DEVICE in your JSS. That kinda sucked when we revoked 350 users access to apps on 700 devices.

You can go into VPP Invitations and then click on Usage, and then if you click the "MDM invitation was sent" name for the user, you can resend the invitation from there. That will allow you to resend individual invites for VPP instead of resending to all users/devices.

If you are having proxy issues, my guess would be that you need to get those straightened out first, before you can test if your VPP invites are actually sending. You could remove the need for the proxy to test if the invites will send without the proxy in the way, and then if it works, fix your proxy.

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Sorted the proxy / app searching issue out. Didn't click to consider restarting the tomcat service after changing the proxy details in java.

So App searching works now.

Push notification enrolment still isn't sending.

I tried SMTP distribution but that didn't work also. Although SMTP service test is working, and using the same sending address.

What appears to be the problem now is the VPP token account, isn't registering the apps we have paid for.

Fingers crossed a lot of these issues may help strengthen our need to buy our own ISP connection outside our school WAN/ISP connection.

Is anyone from JAMF able to clarify the communication ports and destinations for VPP account information to list accurately? I imagine if this remains temperamental it could cause us licensing and revocation issues.

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@Joseph.Morris I wish I would have found your note on this thread 3 weeks ago before I had our techs click Resend on the entire VPP invitation view, repeatedly, as they set up 800+ iPads. Thanks for posting how to resend to one individual device/user.