Wallpaper Images Oops

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Hey everyone new user and love the software. Getting familiar with everything, but one thing I was doing is uploading every time to deploy a wallpaper to devices. After a while I thought that maybe they store the images on the server here at jamf, so I checked the select images. Of course I have like 20 wallpapers that are the same and should be deleted.

Question is I cannot find how to delete or manage uploaded wallpapers. Can this be done, or is there a set limit. Either way I would like to delete the duplicates. I access our jamf software via jamfcloud.com if that matters.

Is this possible?


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Hey @ALengyel Welcome! If I had to guess those uploaded wallpapers/icons would be stored in the database and would require manually removing them from there. I wouldn't do this without contacting your JAMF Support Buddy or whatever they call themselves now.

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Thanks for the welcome. It has been a learning experience and yes I think your correct there is no easy way to do this. I guess I am going to have to go through 100 or so pics everytime to load up. Ugh... I didn't realize that it kept an image in database.

Appreciate the reply.