Warranty Status and Expiration

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I'm not sure if Apple has retracted its policy of using a GSX account at least once a month before they disable the account for inactivity, but the frustration it has caused me had left me wanting. Like many of you, I don't always have time to update my Casper database with current purchasing and warranty information directly from Apple's Global Service Exchange system. And the fact that my GSX account could be disabled to the point where I need to call someone at Apple to get it reinstated makes me cringe.

For my purposes, I feel the only real data that I'm counting on from Apple are the status and expiration date of any hardware related warranties. And since Apple allows you to query this information from their http://selfsolve.apple.com website by simply plugging in a valid serial number, I decided to write a script to automatically populate a Casper Extension Attribute with the necessary information.

My hope is that a similar feature will be built into the next major release of Casper, but until then feel free to implement my solution. If there are any questions or concerns, please let me know. Thanks. --Andrew



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Cool script. For future reference, yes Apple disables GSX when you've gone idle for 30 days. However re-activating is simple by emailing svc.authorize@apple.com instead of having to call.

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Thanks for the script! It really is a stupid policy.

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I had to modify it (for some reason) to work for me. The bit where it says

#   check for exirpation date
if [[ `grep displayHWSupportInfo "${WarrantyTempFile}"` ]]; then
    WarrantyDate=`grep displayHWSupportInfo "${WarrantyTempFile}" | grep -i "Estimated Expiration Date:"| awk -F'<br/>' '{print $2}'|awk '{print $4,$5,$6}'`

...awk was spitting out "about your coverage," - I changed it from $2 to $3 and it gives me the proper "Estimated Expiration Date".

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Actually, I'm getting some assets show up as "Inactive : N/A", but when I search manually on the website, it shows an active warranty with date. Any clues?

Edit: Actually, I think it's to do with our proxy configuration. The requests keep returning empty responses. It works for me because I use a proxy bypass.


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Let me know if there is anything I can do to assist. --Andrew

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Still working? Having some issues not sure if it is just myself or there have been changes to the webpage or with Mavericks.

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is this EA still good for OS 10.9.2?

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It's what I'm using and it's reporting properly on 10.9.2 machines.

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I'm getting inactive/na from the EA. I have a mix of 10.8.5 machines and 10.9.4. Any suggestions?

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This is brilliant! Thank you!