What are y'all's On-Prem File Share Solutions?

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Our school is trying to replace an old OSX Server that's pretty much only being used to serve a handful of our staff with an on-prem fileshare. Since it's only utilized by a handful of very vocal staff we're trying to avoid replacing the old server with anything that will require too much overhead or upkeep from our IT staff. I'm very curious to hear if anybody has good recommendations for straightforward filesharing solutions in a MacOS environment.

We've set up a Ubuntu server (running on a Mac Mini) with a Samba fileshare but would prefer something with a GUI as only one of our IT staff has any Linux server admin skills. We've talked about potentially looking into ActiveDirectory but would prefer to not do so unless we absolutely have to.

Anyway, I'm mostly wanting to hear if anyone is running on-prem fileshares for their Mac environment and, if so, what your setup is!


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Our Fileservers are still macOS based (nMP Trashcan with a big Promise Raid attached via TB/FibreChannel). There's also a Windows server but for me it seems like the macOS machine is much more stable regarding updates. And I feel more comfortable with the administration of a macOS based system. It works quiet well even when you have to do all the settings through normal OS plus some tools for accessibility settings. The distribution point for our on-prem Jamf is Linux based.

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@lilylily You're talking about an on-prem file share for your staff use for random files, not an on-prem file share distribution point for your Jamf Pro system correct? If so, a small NAS would probably be what you want. Personally I'd recommend a Synology NAS, and their Plus Series would probably be sufficient if you're talking a small number of users.