What is Khoros?

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What is Khoros? Why does it ask to approve but we can't use the site with out it but we can revoke it at any time?


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Can you please provide more context about your issue.  I don't understand why you are asking this forum about a website/product you can easily look up yourself in Google. 

I don't understand how it wasn't clear to you since you obviously logged in to the same site. Did you click Allow without reading/understanding what you were approving?

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o received the prompt "to approve but we can't use the site with out it but we can revoke it at any time?"


I got the same thing. I should have taken a screenshot.

Apparently it's Jamf's platform for community.jamf.com Jamf Nation.

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First I had tried to log in since last week so I asked our Jamf ECSM about it before logging in. Heres the relevant part:

"Khoros is the new platform that we are hosting Jamf Nation on as before it was an item that was developed internally.
The reason you see the "Allow Access" item is because it is asking if you want allow Khoros, Jamf Nation, access to it as it is a salesforce item behind the scenes.
There has also been a blog post and press release on this:
https://www.jamf.com/resources/press-releases/jamf-unveils-key-enhancements-to-jamf-nation-the-world... "

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Got it again today

Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 11.53.41 AM.png