What is your process when one of your user gets a new DEP computer ?

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Hello everyone,
I am fairly new to JAMF Pro (running 10.6.0), for the first time I have a user who is getting a machine upgrade. We have time machine backups of his old DEP enrolled machine and would like to transfer all his user data / apps / settings to the new computer. I am looking for best practices to handle such scenario.

Thanks !


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Our process depends on the employee.

Most of the time, after 3 or 4 years with their last machine they're more than happy to copy data over.. We've made them aware they'll have to re-setup their applications.

With our less savy users we usually assist in copying their home folders over and then let them come to us if they have any questions.

Using Migration Wizard your milage may vary, so we don't, we found it brought more hassle than it was worth in our enterprisel

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I've found that TimeMachine does not play nicely with DEP devices. Our organization just uses Google Backup and Sync to backup and restore the Documents and Desktop folders, and set everything else up manually.

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Thanks @rderewianko and @twall , I have found the hard way that time machine and DEP don't play well.
What I ended up doing was similar to the process outlined by @rderewianko .