What's New on Jamf Nation - May 2018

New Contributor III

Hello Jamf Nation!

Nice to see you again. Here’s what’s new in Jamf Nation and Jamf One since my post on April 25th, 2018.

Jamf Nation - New Features and Improvements
• Added ability to sort your search by “Likes.”
• Better time zone support! Time stamps should now appear in your current time zone, as opposed to the US’s Central Time Zone.
• GDPR Compliance:
- Added reference to Jamf’s Privacy Policy during the account creation process and the support ticket creation process (logged out view only)
- Added a pop-up notification for EU users, alerting them to our use of cookies
• Updated the default setting of a search filter, from “Most Relevant” to “Most Recent”

Jamf Nation - Fixes
• Restored sub-navigation search for Support Cases, TPP files, Discussions, Feature Requests and Articles. Sorry about that!
• Restored display of the “Partially Implemented” status when viewing Feature Requests as search results

We are currently investigating an issue with paying for courses using a Training Pass. Our bad! We'll get it straightened out as soon as we can. In the meantime, give us a call if you're having an issue registering with your Training Pass.

Jamf One - Improvements and Fixes
• Colons can now be used in passwords, just like they can be used in the webapp
• Improved display of Certification names
• Updated the explanation and examples of Push Notifications for new Jamf One users
• Added ‘number of replies’ and date, time, and create user of the most recent reply to each Discussion listed on the Community tab
• Increased visual contrast between Discussion and replies to a Discussion
• Increased visual contrast of action bar (comment, like, share)
• Added explanation of limitations of the Support Ticket area
• Simplified the empty state of the Profile tab
• Simplified support ticket creation process by removing phone number field
• Added a 3-second pause to the confirmation screen of successfully submitting a Support Ticket

Cheers! Have a great month!


Contributor II

The updates are appreciated. But my interaction with JamfNation since version 10 came out has been most often to go straight to the Support area. If there was something valuable JamfNation could provide me over what the other sources such as MacAdmins Slack has, it would be related to visibility around product issues. Maybe a bug tracker will never happen, but even tracking the PIs that come up in my own support cases would be useful. Or even seeing how many others are affected by it, and if they have workarounds. As is stands however, as soon as I have to look for information on a PI, I've likely left JamfNation at that point unfortunately.