When does "Recurring Check-in" for a Policy start for the first time?

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When it comes to "Recurring Check-in" for a Policy when does it kick in for the first time? Would the 15min "Recurring Check-in" start after a completed "Enrollment Complete"?

The reason I ask is I'm kinda hoping this happens after the system completes the setup assistant. We have a script in place that will prompt the user at the "Location Services" window asking to enter the Computer Name at which point it will run and change the computer name, host name and local host name and then when the policy hits to connect to Active Directory it will populate with the correct computer name.

The issue is that these computers could be sitting at the "Name Computer" prompt for 1min or 60+ mins depending on the techs going around to all the computers to put in the name.

It would be nice if the 15min "Recurring Check-in" was starting anytime after the setup assistant completes.

If it starts after "Enrollment Complete" and before the tech names the computer this means the Active Directory policy would hit and name the computer in AD based on "No Name", "ComputerModel" etc.

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Hi @GetCart3r , this system setup process is this during the Prestage Enrollment?

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Why aren't you just building this into the policy/script where the computer is named? It sounds like you built a race condition into the process.

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@alexjdale I'm using this script here which will give us a popup once it's started prestage. This way instead of relying on a hosted CSV to refer to using the SN# or needing to change this manually it's asked prior and it's a prompt all before the login screen. This way when the policy runs to bind to Active Directory the computer has the proper name.

It was a quick script to add to prestage with a configuration script. Posted a quick video here:

Still new with JAMF as a management tool so certainly open to new ideas but this was the one we came across that gave us the popup/prompt we needed all prior to the computers binding the Active Directory.

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@junjishimazaki Thanks.
That makes sense with it being prestage. So technically the computers can sit there with the prompt for hours and the directory config would not get sent out until prestage is completed.