Where do you download the Jamf Admin tools from now?

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Where do we find the download link for the Jamf Pro admin tools?


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This got me too at one point. I found that they were built into the server installer for macOS. Downloading the Jamf Pro installer for Mac includes the admin tools in the same DMG.

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Why is this so hidden?  Why is there still not an update function to just get updated tools to not have to download a 400 MB package across slow links on each minor update?

Agreed, weird way to go about it. 

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Now it just leads to a 503 Service Unavailable Page

Did they move it to another place?


Update: Nevermind, the service was actually down. Now its available again


What will happen with them when there's no more Mac installer available (March 2022)?

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Unknown at this time. All I can say for certain is that the server tools will continue existing in some form, since they are required for administrating the server component (at least, they are currently). When/if they do away with the tools entirely, we will likely receive a notification well in advance that the administration process is changing.

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The Mac option is no longer there, but now there's a "Download for Jamf Pro Apps" which will download an installer for the Mac admin apps.  Took me a while to find...

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I can't find it, this is to complicated.. why???