Which course to follow after CCT

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Hey guys, I've completed CCT Certified Casper Technician. I'm wondering which course to take from there. Should I go for Jamf 300 or 400?


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I'm pretty sure they are all prerequisites for eachother. So CCT is now Jamf 200 so I assume you would have to take Jamf 300 before you can take Jamf 400. At least thats what I had to do back when they were the CCT CCA CCE respectively.

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Hey Zohaib,

Sean is correct with his post above. Path of progression through the certification courses is Jamf 200 > Jamf 300 > Jamf 400 with the subsequent certification being a prerequisite of the next course.


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Thank You fellas! Jamf 300 it is.

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The 350 is a great course to take as well. It focuses on the server build instead of end point management. Unfortunately they are no longer providing any instructor led 350 courses but they will have all materials on line some time in the near future.