Who are good in Mojave troubleshooting?

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I don´t know if this is Jamf related, but have an issue with an Mojave client

When turning on the Macpro it shows the apple logo and the load bar shows as always, but then is gone and nothing happens more and only a black screen.

In safemode it is the same thing and have of course tried the SMC/NVram reset also

Have tried to go to diskutility and do a disk check and all seems ok. And tried to do a re-install of mojave(without deleting existing installation of course), but afterwards still same error

I have tried single user mode, but it does clarify anything for me.

Any one has some good ideas ?


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Hi @jameson

If the machine is not booting to the system at all normally I would try alt booting that machine. (Holding the Alt key while booting) and then selecting Macintosh HD when it appears. I this doesn't boot to the system then I would recommend completely wiping the machine and re installing macOS.

I hope the user has a backup!

Thanks Chris

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Well the system is booting and looks all normal when it shows the apple logo and the load bar. But at the end noting happends and only a black screen appear

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Have you tried safe mode boot?

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We had that issue for a while about a year ago, and it turned out to be incompleted installs hanging around jamming things up. Nothing to do with Jamf in our case.