WiFi Loss


For a long time we've been experiencing some problems regarding WiFi networks.
From time to time computers will stop connecting to the dedicated employee's SSID.
This is SSID though, is hidden, and pushed with a configuration profile.

When the problem occurs, the SSID is still know by the system, still checked for auto-connect.
If we delete it and reset it manually it works.
But the quickest solution our support team use to fix this is to re-enroll the computer. (They delete the certificate before)
And at this point I don't really get what's happening, is a new certificate push ? Is the WiFi profile is re-pushed ?

And lately it's becoming a real pain in the a** because at lot of users are experiencing this disconnections.
Though, this does not seem to happen on iOS.

Do you have any clues ?

For additional information, we broadcast our WiFi with Meraki APs with WPA2-PSK encryption.


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If you reset it manually how long does it last before it disconnects again? I would be leaning towards a wifi issue or how the wifi config is created over it being a JAMF thing.

And yes when you re-enroll a computer it then calls all the profiles and other things that are scoped to the computer. When your support team deletes the certificate (assuming its the MDM cert not the CA cert) do they manually connect the computer to the wifi or to ethernet?

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I'd be interested to know if it is disconnecting after the same amount of time. If your lease isn't automatically renewing, it would act in the way you described.

The second thing I'd guess is access point shenanigans. Have the employee try to move from one access point to another (you will probably have to show them when an access point looks like). Sometimes the act of switching access points is enough to kick it back to par. We see this once in a while for people who don't reboot.


It seems like the wifi disconnects after a year.
The support team seems pretty sure it comes from the certificate, but which one I don't know.
An would we be able to update the certificate on the machine ? Plus these are never out of date. I don't get it.
And let's be clear, do we agree that these certificates are completely different from the push certificate you have to update every year on your jamf server ?
And yes despite the fact that certs might be faulty, we still have control over those computers.

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@fdeltesta What type of certs are you using for authentication for WiFi? We use Machine certificates to auth, our machine certs expire every year the profile sees that the cert is expiring and asks our users to renew the certificate, if the user fails to do so then they lose access. are there expired certificates on the machine when it loses access?