Wifi share iOS 11

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Since iOS 11 is about to go live I wanted to see if anyone has tested a way to block school owned iOS devices from allowing students to hover their personal iOS device and get the Wifi password from a school device. We have yet to update to 10.x and I'm hoping there is a setting that can be pushed to turn off this feature.



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I would also like a confirmation on if this can be disabled, or if it works on WPA2-Enterprise.


We have switched off AirDrop which we hope will block this.

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Hi all,

Would love some confirmation on this.


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same here, would love to know if this works, from reading it does look like it requires confirmation from the sender, but the downfall is sometime staff do not lock their devices... so student can easily tap acknowledge and go

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Our devices are all supervised. We haven't been able actually make the feature work. We are wondering if this feature doesn't work on devices that are either supervised or just enrolled in an MDM system. We haven't tested on an enrolled but unsupervised device yet.

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Slight update.

Our limited testing appears to show that if the iOS device has a wifi profile installed via profile the password will not be shared. If you type the same password into the same device you can then share the password.

To test we took a device from a cart with iOS 11 and a profile for WiFi and attempted to share the password to my iOS device with no password, I could not get the device to prompt to share.

We then revoked the WiFI profile on our test device. Once it lost a connection we typed in our WiFI password and attempted to get the device to share WiFI password. When my phone tried to connect to the same WiFI network the iPad asked if I wanted to share the password.

Finally I pushed the WiFI profile back to the device, removed the WiFI from my phone and it would not share credentials again.

It's not a restriction that can be added but if you use a WiFI profile on all your devices it seems like you can't share WiFI with other devices.