Windows 2012 or Linux ?


Hi All,

I am considering moving my current install to a new server - well a new virtual server under HyperV. My current install is Win2008R2 running as a HyperV VM.

I am interested in people's opinions as to whether I should go Win2012 or Linux (probably Ubuntu 12.04 LTS). I know my way around Ubuntu a little so linux doesn't scare me, am just curious as to other people's opinions and experiences.

I have 1300 mobile devices growing to around 1500 in the next few months.



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Hey Chris,

Personally, I work for District with a slightly larger mobile deployment (1800+), and about 400 Macs. Initially when I started we were using Windows Server 2008 R2, but as a Linux geek I pushed for the use of more Linux servers, especially with Casper.

As a result, we have noticed better overall performance handling both in the MySQL and Apache backends, as well as response time and effectiveness of check-ins with our clients.

And if you are worried about resource allocation, Ubuntu server 12.04 LTS uses less than 3/4 the system's resources of Windows 2k8 while still outperforming; the downside is in our case (as with most Linux servers) we don't have a GUI installed, thus decreasing its load.

This is my two cents, but please don't just take my word for it as I'm sure there are others with differing experiences but thought to share what we have found to work best in our environment.

Take care,


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@lhscasper How did it work out with installing your JSS on Ubuntu? Did you updated to 14.04 LTS, or are you still running 12.03 LTS?

I did the Linux installation myself a few days ago on a Virtual Machine running on a Mac Mini. It wasn't too bad.

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Hi @lhscasper

Lots to consider with this topic. It was discussed quite recently on the macenterprise mailing list if you search here: for "Casper Windows, or * Unix" you should find the thread.

My cut down response is, it seems to run better under linux IMO, but I haven't had any issues with Windows 2012 R2 either, it just needs more RAM and is a bit more fiddly to install.

I think its important to use a server OS that the server support team are comfortable with, although that being said, I've had cases in the past where the support team insist on Windows server, then still refuse to get involved in anything beyond the base Windows OS (MySQL, Tomcat, Java etc).