Wipe Command 6-digit code not working

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Send the Wipe command from Jamf Pro to a Managed MacBook Pro running Catalina yesterday. The MacBook immediately booted to the lock symbol but the 6-digit code did and still does not work. The Management history on the MacBook's Inventory shows the 6-digit code that was sent to be correct, but the lock screen does not accept it. The MacBook is now in a horrible halfway house of not yet wiped but unable to proceed further. Boot to Recovery mode does not work, but takes me to the lock screen. Jamf History shows the command has been successfully sent so I cannot cancel it. Has anyone else experienced this before?


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You may have a firmware password on the device. Try that. Firmware will show the simple lock icon. After you get past the lock, you will be presented with a new screen with square boxes that will take your Wipe PIN Code.

@saarora I've similar case happened recently. However, checked in Jamf found the EFI firmware password not set. So now how to proceed further, kindly help on this. Thanks.

Guys, Without the firmware password, I guess setting up the MacBook is paper weight. But somehow we able to get the firmware password and able to process it. Thanks.

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Yes, I experienced similar to this with Big Sur only a week ago. However, I couldn't also access the partition to boot back in. The code worked but nothing continued. It took 5 attempts to re-install the OS, internet recovery would not work. I had to USB bootable it to Big Sur and restore that way. It rejoined the MDM, however and all was then fine. Not ideal (far from it) when you want to re-image a machine remotely....