Workflow for repairing and re-installing Adobe Acrobat DC

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Hello all,

I’m tinkering with a workflow to automate the uninstallation, cleaning and re-installation of Adobe Acrobat DC on client computers.

The manual workflow looks like this:
- Manually uninstall the app
- Manually download and run the Adobe CC cleaner tool (which can be found here:
- Verify the log
- Re-install the software.

Today the very last step is automated with a policy in JAMF Pro, but I’d like to automate further. Does anyone know of the possibility to run the Adobe CC cleaner tool from terminal?

My desired workflow would be:
- User detects issue
- User launches self service and runs a policy (e.g. Fix my Adobe Acrobat DC). Alternatively the user raises a support ticket, and first line can trigger the policy with a sudo jamf policy -trigger fixAdobe.
*The policy downloads the Adobe CC cleaner to certain location.
- After download the policy triggers another policy with another custom trigger.
- Second policy runs the Adobe CC cleaner (e.g (./AdobeCcCleaner -force -application Adobe Acrobat DC -action clean. It finishes of with a jamf recon and policy to trigger the re-installation of the application.

Anyone got experience of this or have a similar workflow in place? To my knowledge there is no way of running the Adobe CC Cleaner app from terminal?


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You can run the Adobe CC Cleaner app from terminal but I think you can not restrain to it Adobe Acrobat DC.
Anyway, you can try to deploy, and mount official DMG and then launch it this way :

sudo /Volumes/CleanerTool/Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool --cleanupXML==[Absolute path to detailed xml file]

with provided XML like :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <Property name="eulaAccepted">1</Property>
        <Product productName="Adobe Acrobat DC" version="15.020"/>

it should do the job.
Not sure about this XML/version ? juste run once :

sudo /Volumes/CleanerTool/Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool --createCleanup=[Absolute path to FOLDER to create xml]

and uncomment Acrobat DC line. If there is no Acrobat DC line… I guess it's because the cleanup Tool doesn't include support for Acrobat DC. You also can refer to guidelines.

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I am not sure how your license works but the Adobe Creative Cloud Packager applications actually makes a pretty good uninstaller these days. It will actually remove most all files.

I am not sure how you licensing works or if you have access to it but it has worked well for us. Uninstalled CC 2015 and installed the lastest CC 2017 last year and it worked pretty well.