Xcode 12.5.1 VPP not installing


Has anyone had issues updating Xcode to version 12.5.1 on Big Sur computers or even just installing either automatically or via Self service? Automatically does not run at all and Self Service simply states -Error


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I notice this with larger applications like Xcode, Final Cut, etc. Typical behavior we see is the app will error in Self Service multiple times. You may notice an app stub (30MB or so) for Xcode appear in /Applications. Eventually, the application will install and appear as the full size. 


With that said, if anyone has any other tips besides trying multiple times and waiting I am all ears. 

It is not working for me at all... no stub at all! Really troublesome... Final Cut works fine

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If you look at the device inventory in Jamf Pro and look at the Management Commands for the device, do you see any failed events? I currently have this issue with MS Excel, License not found. Plenty of licenses available looks to be some sort of communication issue.

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Same issue. 12.5.1 via self-service appears to time out without any fanfare, but the end result is that Xcode is not installed and no error is given. Subsequent attempts result in a "failed" error.

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I get for Xcode Duplicate request as failure but I didn't requested more than once.


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What is seen here, is that on XCode install from "Self Service" it shows an error ("Failed"). 
This operative leaves that, and then as root in the terminal:

find /private -name '*.pkg' 2>/dev/null

You'll see it there (if the VPP god is smiling on you) with a randomized filename and when run again you'll see it's still alive, downloading... file size growing. When a bit more than 11 Gigs,  and stops increasing in size, run:

installer -pkg /private/var/...{whatever} -target /

Even that may take 20-30 minutes to complete, but usually does.

The mistake is in taking the Error at face value and clicking "Install" again, or "Open" (which sometimes appears), all is muddied in that case...

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@craig_sadler it resolve, It was just matter of time. After certain time it finish the install from VPP account. thanks for your reply.