Xcode IDE patching disablement

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Hello All,

In my organization Xcode is getting deployed through VPP Self-Service policy, now few developer raised a concern that Xcode IDE should not patched to next version, auto updates should be disabled as it is impacting their testing job.

Now my question is what should be the best way to stop auto update for that team but others team it will be patched automatically?

If I exclude their machines from VPP deployment policy then it will stop auto update or Xcode will be removed entirely from mac?


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Your VPP configuration for the Xcode app has  setting to indicate if the app should automatically update, but as far as I know you can't have two different app configurations for the same app so it wouldn't be possible to have one configuration with auto update and one without. You could deploy the app without auto update enabled and then block the App Store on machines that you don't want to update.

My recommendation would be do NOT use the VPP install for Xcode for users who don't want automatic update, and instead use the Xcode installer downloaded from the Apple Developer web site for them.

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There are not really any good options. The App is configured to auto update. I would suggest telling your Developers to contact Apples Developer Support to resolve any issues they are experiencing. I typically stay out of the Developer support mess unless its a global thing, then I will engage Apple Enterprise Support. Usually its someone who does not want to update their workflow for one reason or another.


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