Year end Staff Laptop Updates - Automated Mobile Account Migration

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Does anyone have an automated method for migrating an AD authenticated mobile user account from one laptop to another? I am trying to develop a methodology for updating staff laptops prior to the end of the school year. I would like to archive the entire user account prior to swapping out and/or imaging the current laptop for the staff member. Then reapply the archived mobile account back to the updated laptop. We usually run into permission or authentication issues when copying mobile accounts to a new laptop. Since we encourage the staff members to fully utilize their laptops, they have picture, movie and music content that we have to deal with also. The base image will consist of a fully patched 10.5.8 OS image. Any wisdom in automating the archiving and migrating AD mobile user accounts would be appreciated.



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I've migrated a few users accounts to new machines using this article:

Hope that helps you out.

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I've had to do this a few times, and after a lot of trial and error, here is
what I came up with. I copy the user folder to another drive/network
location. I re-image the computer. I copy the user folder back to the
newly imaged computer. Do a 'get info' on the newly copied user folder.
Unlock sharing and permisisons, hit the plus, and add permissions for the
user account (we use active directory, so I'm giving the AD user permission
to read/write to the folder). I then make the AD user owner and apply to
enclosed items. When the teacher logs in for the first time, they already
have permissions to their folders and everything works.