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Is it possible to create a mobile smart group based on a specific profile being installed? I went to All Criteria->Profile Name and it just pulls up a blank gray screen. I'm running jss 9.0.1. Thanks!Mark
I'm using casper to push out mobile device profiles to configure wifi and email settings. The profiles are randomly disappearing off of some of my ipads. I can't figure out why. I do know that, when I look at the ipad in inventory, under management h...
We have 1800 ipads across 3 school campuses. I need to set up email for students and would love to do it using a configuration profile. We have all of our ipads supervised in configurator. Is there a way to push out an email profile where the student...
How can I find a mac's Active Directory name from the terminal? I've got a bunch of macs with correct AD names and incorrect local names. I want to have the correct names in Casper Inventory. I know how to change the name of the computer, but I would...
Is there any way to set a license for a package, then have it not be available in self service if all the licenses are given out? Thanks!Mark BucknerBridgeport ISD
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