Yet another screensaver thread

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Like other my company wants that default pictures are shown as screensavers. It is not static screensavers, but pictures are changed every now and them.
On Windows side they pick them up on a network share and a azure feature then assign them.

So my plan is somehow to make a script that copy these files from the share to the mac. Our macΒ΄s are NON ad joined , but are running Nomad

Do any have some similar setup made and has some input how it best can be done ?

Does nomad manage to add mount a network share without prompting for username and password? - as Manually connecting to the share prompts for username and password, which is not a usuable behaviour


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Apologies as this response is not related to the NoMAD question, but in case it's relevant, myself and a colleague have not been able to get customised screensavers to kick in over the login window, only after a user has logged in :

If you plan on getting this working over the login window we would be interested in any success!

In the page above, there is another link which may be useful :