You cannot change information in an LDAP account or change the password.

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Dear Jamf Pro Support Team,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Somnath and I am a user of Jamf Pro currently working on the integration of our system with the Jamf SaaS App.

I am currently facing an issue when attempting to update a user's password through the Swagger interface. The error message received is: "You cannot change information in an LDAP account or change the password."

Api URL: image_2024_01_15T13_13_03_108Z.png

Upon further investigation, it appears that the Swagger API does not currently support the updating of user passwords through an admin user. As part of our administrative requirements, we need to perform password updates via the API using administrative privileges.

Could you kindly assist in providing the necessary API endpoint or guidance on how we can achieve password updates for users with administrative credentials?

Your support in resolving this matter is highly appreciated. If there are specific details required from my end or if further clarification is needed, please let me know.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this request.


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@somnathrode That message is pretty clear. Jamf Pro's LDAP access is Read Only, so if you have LDAP authenticated accounts there is no way for Jamf Pro to change the password associated with that account. If you want to change the password for one of those accounts you have to make the change directly on your directory server, whatever that server may be running.

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we don't have LDAP account. we have created standard user check this screenshot below. i want update this account by using API. I'm trying to this api  "/JSSResource/accounts/userid/2" please let me know any other API can update the user account. i want update users only through API.

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Dear Jamf Pro Support Team,

Somnath, if you were looking to open a support ticket that would be done on or by emailing You posted on Jamfs community discussions board.


If the message is telling you that you cannot change LDAP account passwords which is kinda obvious. If this is a local account you are trying to change, have you actually tried to change the password with API?