Youngest Jamf Admin in the UK

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Hey guys, just wondering if there are any other JAMF admins in the UK that are younger than 20? Trying to prove to my colleagues I may or may not be the youngest JAMF Admin (Jamf 300).


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I've asked in the #uk channel of the MacAdmins Slack for you.

I sadly do not qualify!

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Thanks for this, which channel did you ask the question in?

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I passed my CCA when I was 19, if that's what you mean! Luckily JAMF is a great tool to learn at any age, and the training is very accessible for all sort of roles (Including Junior).

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Im looking at the current group of Jamf 300 qualified engineers.

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I am neither a) under 20, b) in the UK or c) had the money or time to get my certs. Good job on you (and I do mean it). 048be3706b54454eaea170e02eaa4eeb

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Hi Chris_B

Just an FYI I completed my Jamf 400 course when I was 18. I think you need to take a step back. I hope you get into the swing of things soon.

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Age typically doesn't mean anything in this field unless it's related to retiring. ;-)