Zscaler Certificate installation

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Hi There,


We want to push Zscaler Root CA cert to all the machines via Jamf as it's required for SSL decryption i.e. Zscaler cert needs to be added to machine's keychain access.

We have the Zscaler .crt file, suggestion please for cert installation.





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If you deploy out the certificate using a configuration profile in jamf, it should automatically be trusted for all users and work correctly 

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@Ishan_Thakur  - We had the same need as the Zscaler Client Connector installer is no longer able to deploy certs to the system roots keychain.  As @ljcacioppo said, creating/using an existing Configuration Policy, then adding the cert as a payload will get the job done.

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Hello Mike,

I have to do this for our organization. Could you give me more details on how to create the Config. Profile?

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Does adding this cert remove the need for the end user to log in to the Zscaler window on first launch?

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No, still need to login unless you manage to get Azure SSO working on your machines.