Firewall Whitelist for Jamf Protect?

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We employ Jamf in a facility where a large majority of our computers are offline / do not have access to the internet.  So far, we've had no issues with our Jamf Pro deployment by following this guide to make sure that the necessary traffic is able to get through:

We're hitting a snag in our rollout of Jamf Protect, where the only machines that are able to maintain a connection are the machines with internet access. We've added * to our whitelist, but still no luck.

Any ideas on what else may need to be whitelisted in our firewall for our offline machines to be able to communicate with Jamf Protect correctly?

Thanks in advance!


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JAMF Protect has its own list of hosts on AWS. Try whitelisting the hosts in the link below.


Network Communication Used by Jamf Protect - Jamf Protect Documentation | Jamf