Jamf Protect 4.0.0 Now Available


Hello Jamf Nation!

We recently released Jamf Protect 4.0.0 which includes significant enhancements to how analytics are managed, standardized versioning for the Endpoint Threat Prevention database, new accessibility theme options, and the ability to export a CSV report of your Insight Compliance Report dashboard.

Analytic Sets
Analytic Set enhancements include an updated Analytics screen, and an improved workflow for managing groups of analytics and associating the analytic sets with plans. For more information, see Jamf Protect Analytics.

Endpoint Threat Prevention Database Versioning
The threat database versioning has been standardized across all customers to improve version visibility and reporting.

New Accessibility Theme Options
Additional accessibility theme options have been added to the user menu in the upper-right of the Jamf Protect web app.

Insight Compliance Report CSV Export
You can now export a CSV report of your current Insight dashboard view on the Insight dashboard and on the Computer Details > Insights screen.

Product Documentation

To learn more about these new features and other resolved issues, review the latest release notes via the new Jamf Learning Hub.

Thank you!
The Jamf Protect team