Jamf Protect and Jamf Remediation suggestions

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Hi everyone

i'm trying to understand the best way to configure Jamf Protect with our jamf instance. I set up a smart group in jamf to alert users about security issues and that works fine.

Unfortunately the jamf protect documentation is a bit incomplete imho.

What are the next steps i need to follow? Any suggestion or guide to suggest?

Do i need to manually remove the mac from the smart group?

Jamf Protect has some removing capabilities or i need to clean the mac manually?



We just moved to Jamf Protect and I'm a little confused about the cleaning part as well...

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Hello @Philein and @JKingsnorth 

If you want to clear the Extension Attribute for that specific device you can combine the following command in one of your scripts in Jamf Pro. 
So once Alert has been followed up you can run the following command to clear up the local Jamf Protect folder and run a recon, then the EA value will be cleared.


rm /Library/Application\ Support/JamfProtect/groups/*
jamf recon