Jamf Protect and macOS 11.4

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I am seeing an issue when adding new computers to Jamf Protect via Jamf Pro.  Computers that are on 11.4 are installing the Profile but the Application Support files are not installing.  Apparently this is where the Agent resides.  I am able to get the Application Support files installed by downloading the pkg from Jamf Protect and installing that manually.

Currently I have a ticket open.  Anyone else seeing this?


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We've not long started using Jamf Protect and we are seeing the same. We have the "Automatically deploy the Jamf Protect PKG with plans" option ticked and the agent appears to only be deploying to some of our Macs, however they are getting the profile. I have not found a reason or solution to this yet.

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Our only solution was to deploy the pkg manually with a Policy.  After some of the recent updates newly added computers seem to be getting all of the Protect pieces as expected.  However I am now seeing several pop up in Protect that are falling into the Last Checkin over 30 days.  Pushing out a new pkg to those seems to prompt them to get the PPPC correctly and check in again.

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I'm just setting up Protect, and successfully deployed the profiles to my 2 test Macs (1 is an Intel, the other an M1 chip). The M1 fully installed the agent as well, the Intel did not...I'd rather not manually install the agent as I want it to be automated and regularly updated.