Jamf Protect Client list outdated

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Is there a way to sync Jamf Protect clients to Jamf? There are a lot of client names outdated in jamf protect and also a lot of computer that have been deleted from jamf since one month.



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Seeing the same issue. It seems like there should be a sync that happens with the device names and Jamf Pro. There is an option to Edit the computer label, in Computer details, but it doesn't show anywhere other than where you Edit the label.....


Sorry to bump an older post. I ran into this issue myself. 

For items that have an outdated name doing a forced Protect check in (a few times) via a policy was enough to get our device names to update. Mainly saw this on our newly enrolled devices running BigSur.

When an item is deleted from Pro it does not auto delete from Protect. To delete you could either manually delete from console or JAMF have provided some example scripts to clean up old computers. Be aware though that deleting from Protect does not remove the agent.  API Scripts - Jamf Protect Documentation | Jamf