Removing a Mac from Jamf Protect

New Contributor II

If I remove a Mac from the Jamf Protect console, what happens on the client Mac. Does Jamf Protect stop running? Will the endpoint show up again on the console? I figure that a Mac should run the uninstall Jamf Protect software to remove it from the Mac.

It would be nice if removal of Jamf Protect from the console could also remove the software from the endpoint, like with Malwarebytes and SentinelOne. My concern is staff own Macs that are not on our MDM so we cannot use the MDM to remove the Jamf Protect software.

Paul Chernoff


From my recent experience I'd say the behaviour would be that it will remove it from the UI until next check in. I did have a quick scan over the JAMF Protect Admin guide to see if there was a formal confirmation of this. It does indeed indicate "Deleting computers only removes the computers from the UI until the next check-in. It does not remove the Jamf Protect agent from computers." 

An option that was recently made available the option for a download link for install/uninstall of Protect agent (18/02/2022 release date). Download link does not require the receiver to have a console log in. You could provide the link to users that need to uninstall the client. Each Protect tenant has unique download code and this is visible under Administrative>Downloads> Generate Download Link.