Jamf Protect easy setup?

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At JNUC, there was a presentation on an easy way to setup Wandera DNS filtering. I followed it and had a great configuration integrated into our Jamfcloud. It has deployed to all our clients and I'm seeing data. It was awesome.

Is there anything like that for Jamf Protect?  A quick walkthrough of setting it up, configuring it, linking it to Jamfcloud, and deploying?  I know there's a lot of documentation, but it's a bit overwhelming. I'm looking for an easy deployment guide. Once it's deployed, I can go through more of the documentation and tune it.



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New Contributor III

@CyrusLthere is a pretty handy how-to get started (deploy Protect, IdP and Jamf Pro integration) video on the Training Catalog: https://trainingcatalog.jamf.com/path/get-started-with-jamf-protect
Hope this helps!

Thanks, but I'm looking for something like the one 20-minute video on the full process.  The catalog is what I'll fall back on if I can't find what I'm looking for. 

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You can find several video tutorials on setting up and deploying Jamf Protect on the Jamf YouTube channel. These videos cover the entire process, including installation, configuration, and deployment, and provide a visual step-by-step guide to help you get started with Jamf Protect. You can also find additional resources, such as written guides and documentation, on the Jamf website.