Jamf Protect Experiences?

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Just started at a new company and they are in dire need of an endpoint AV solution (among just about every other security precaution that exists).

I am working to set us up with Jamf Pro and I wanted to reach out to see if you have any experience with Jamf Protect (instead of a "more traditional" AV). Most of the posts here are from last year and before I commit to something like MalwareBytes I wanted to check to see if anyone has experience with Jamf Protect as I am a big fan of the tight MacOS integrations and the reduced risk of something breaking with OS updates.

I am 100% not sold on an AV yet so I figured I'd reach out here before diving further into the weeds.



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I've only just started using it a couple of weeks ago; we've got some basic policies running on it.  On my test systems, we removed McAfee and replaced with Jamf Protect, and I can say that these systems are running much quicker now with no system freezes (a constant issue with the prior McAfee agent).  Check out the Jamf Protect channel on https://macadmins.slack.com/ , there's some pretty good info there as well

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Started using Protect last year, coincidentally right around this time. Had been using Sophos which is as traditional of AV as they come. Going back to 2017 we've had numerous issues with Sophos on macOS but what really motivated me was Catalina and finally Big Sur. I honestly was just really tired about the lack of effort they put into their Mac product. We still use Sophos on our Windoze clients as it's been fairly stable on that platform.

The resources Protect consumes are significantly less than Sophos so much so that's hard to tell you have this kind of product installed at all. Insights help tremendously in getting clients in compliance with CISA controls. The only thing Protect doesn't do is provide an avenue, especially if you're using Jamf Pro to remediate non-compliant controls like password policy issues for instance. As a seasoned Mac admin I'm not terribly concerned about that aspect though.