Testing Jamf Protect- and it blocks our domain

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I've taken the introductory classes on Jamf Protect / Radar and gotten it setup. So far it seems okay, I have it on about a dozen machines. It shows installed, they show up in protect as active, seems to be working. Today on my main test unit, I've noticed I can hit I can't hit our print server due to being unable to authenticate. I also then see I can't see our network printers. I've seen it happen where its lost its trust relationship with AD, so I remove from domain, then try to rejoin. But it can't authenticate there either. Multiple reboots, different browsers, different accounts. Same thing.

I start to assume maybe its Jamf Protect, but I connect to another unit that has it, and I'm able to hit the website and see the printers. So it seems just the first device affected. I try using VPN, connecting to wifi instead of ethernet, yet still same issue. No website, no joining domain. I device to wipe and rebuild, once protect is on it, same issue again. I then remove Jamf Protect. I'm able to hit the company website and join the company domain (for reference, lets call the website sparetireisflat.com and domain is sparetireisflat.int)

When I go to Radar and Jamf Protect, it shows zero blocks. Is there a local log on the device I can check for more information, or am I looking in the wrong spot on Radar / Protect?


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Hi @Mr_Meaves It's intriguing that you're experiencing network and authentication issues on your main test unit after implementing Jamf Protect. Since you've ruled out the problem on another unit with Jamf Protect, it seems specific to this device. In such cases, checking local logs on the affected device might provide more insights. Look into system logs, especially those related to network connections, authentication, and any security events. Additionally, verify if there are specific policies or configurations applied by Jamf Protect that could be impacting network connectivity. It's also worthwhile to cross-verify firewall settings and ensure they align with Jamf Protect's requirements.
If the problem persists, write here, and we'll try to figure something out!

Best regards, Mr. Cenforce!

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