What's new in Jamf Protect

Contributor II
Contributor II

Today, we released a new feature: Exceptions.


Jamf Protect administrators can now use Exceptions to optimize what system activity is monitored and which
applications will be ignored by Threat Prevention. Jamf Protect currently supports three types of Exceptions:
  • Override Threat Prevention — This is an exception to Jamf Protect’s managed malware feed. It provides management capabilities to allow execution of processes that would otherwise be blocked by Threat Prevention.
  • Ignore System Events for Analytics — Provides management capabilities to optimize performance of the agent by ignoring trusted locations and/or processes on a system event-wide basis.
  • Ignore for Analytics — Provides management capabilities to reduce noise of trusted activity on a per-analytic basis.

Also included in the Exceptions release is the introduction of Jamf Managed Default Exceptions

Jamf Protect provides a default Exception Set that balances securing endpoints with preserving the user experience. This Exception Set is maintained and updated by Jamf. The Jamf Managed Default Exceptions set can be added to plans in addition to custom Exception Sets created by Jamf Protect administrators.

For more about Exceptions, see https://docs.jamf.com/jamf-protect/documentation/Exceptions.html

For additional details about this release, see the Jamf Protect Release Notes at https://docs.jamf.com/jamf-protect/documentation/Release_History.html.