Jamf Protect and Insights


Is anyone using Jamf Protect? it has the Insights piece that is great but what would be better is they provided some sort of integration with JSS for remediations. For example, they mark the sudo timeout as a risk. Ideally you could click a button to implement a configuration in JSS to address it.


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@mwu1876 We just started using Jamf Protect, and I'm finding myself in the same position as you. What has been your solution to remedy those non-compliant insights? From what I can tell, I need to create a custom solution in JSS for each non-compliant insight. Am I missing a piece to the puzzle?

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I agree, having this integrated with JSS would really make this a nice product.  You have to indeed add each fix on your own.  I wish they would provide details on how to fix the insights problems to start with.

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@wlevan In case you or anyone who stumbles upon this thread doesn't know, you'll want to download the CIS macOS benchmark. It shows you how to check and resolve each insight. Download the latest PDF (CIS Apple macOS 11.0 Benchmark v1.2.0) from the CIS site here.

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Thanks for the hint, Jimbo! I'm one of the ones you write about.

https://downloads.cisecurity.org will work (longer).