Google SafeSearch and YouTube Restricted Mode for Jamf Safe Internet

New Contributor II
New Contributor II
Hi Jamf Nation,
In our continued effort to support you in keeping your student safe and secure online, we are pleased to announce that Jamf Safe Internet has today received new functionality. Google SafeSearch and YouTube Restricted Mode will now be available for you to configure in the Jamf Safe Internet portal.

To turn on Google SafeSearch and YouTube Restricted Mode, you will need navigate to Policies  within Jamf Safe Internet portal, click the Search rules tab and click the relevant boxes for Google SafeSearch and YouTube Restricted Mode. Detailed documentation can be be found on our Jamf Safe Internet Support Documentation.


This new functionality brings added layer of security to your school through our Jamf Safe Internet content filtering and network threat prevention offering;
  • Google SafeSearch: Google SafeSearch helps hide explicit content from Google search results. 
  • YouTube Restricted Mode:  YouTube Restricted Mode helps hide mature content from YouTube search results and embedded YouTube videos. It also prevents users from viewing video comments.

If you haven't already tested Jamf Safe Internet in your environment, then check out for more details and to sign up for a trial.

Many thanks

Aaron Webb

Product Marketing